Caribbean Blues

I’m having day dreams of Caribbean seas and a cool breeze. Color saturation, warm sand between my toes, pina colada in my hand, no worries, man. Patois lullabies, sometimes cloudy skies, at peace, inner calm, take me back. Jamaica, here I come.



Pink Puddle Studio


Today I discovered the work of a local watercolor artist and illustrator named, Rachel Eskandari, of Pink Puddle Studio. I found her on Instagram first and then quickly checked out her website and Etsy store. What I am most interested in is that she is beginning to offer watercolor workshops. Exciting! I can’t wait to sign up for one.  Take a few minutes and peruse her beautiful paintings. I know they’ll make you smile. 

Red Cap Cards


I love Red Cap Cards. It’s hard to buy just one. You can, and will, spend an hour trying to decide which one to buy if you’re only buying a couple. Needless to say, I’ve purchased my fair share and encourage you to look through their designs. There are lovely artists to choose from and each feels like a unique piece of artwork. Enjoy!